Our service

We are expert for industrial metal parts buying&sourcing in China. All the suppliers in our B2B platform  are fully ISO 9001 certified and most are ISO14001 complied, among them some are in compliance with IATF16949 (former TS16949) or ISO13485.


Value in Matching suitable suppliers




One stop service

With a small volume or a great mix, and you wish to reduce your operational costs, meanwhile to improve the efficiency of process, PINTUU will buy and sell to you. 

We have equipped with category expertise and the access to scalability in local procurement  market for more than 15 years. However pre-clarification of your demand and requirement is crucial to the entire process.




Sourcing Service

If you want to relieve from the hassle process from finding, verifying, quality control, logistics, supply management, communications etc., then PINTUU is on your side offering services for this entire process from end to end.

In this case, in addition to supplier verification, one until four steps of quality control including pre-production, during production, after production and container loading will be conducted upon your specific requirements during order fulfillment, and we will complete the qualification report in written for your approval before shipment. 


-RFQ and requirements clarification (1)

-Supplier identification & Supplier verification (2)

-Enquiry and Technical requirement (3)

-Sample approval (4)

-Price negotiation and supply contracting (5)

-Order fulfillment (6)

-Logistics management (7)

-Supplier management (8)

-Cultural communications facilitation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Supplier identify service

PINTUU can assist you in identifying suppliers, verifying them with our due diligence, facilitating your cross cultural communications.

In this case, we will conduct the supplier qualification upon your requirements, which includes ISO compliance and EHS (not limited to), and this can be made as well through a third party assigned by you if you want.


- RFQ and requirements clarification (1)

- Supplier identification & Supplier verification (2)

- Cultural communications facilitation (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)