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Changsu Xunda Powder Metal Co.,Ltd


Main materials: Fe(90%) / Cu(6%) / SS(4%)

Main processes: Powder metallurgy / Heat treatment

Certification: IATF 16949 ISO 14000

Key Market: Auto / Power tools / Medical Device

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Sintered worm gear and worm shaft-Powder metals

Process: Metallurgy

Industry: Automotive

Material: Fe based


Powdered metal parts or sintered metal parts are produced by pressing powdered metals and alloys in a rigid die under extreme pressure (up to 60,000 psi). Those compacted parts are then sintered in a controlled-atmosphere furnace at temperatures up to 2050⁰ F (1120⁰ C) to bond the particles metallurgically. They specialize in producing Pinion, Spur, Segment, and Cluster gears,able to manufacture gears with unique designs and high tolerances that are difficult to produce with conventional manufacturing processes. Our gears can be impregnated for self-lubricating, and quiet running. Any gear we produce can be combined with other components to produce a single part.

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Changshu, Jiangsu Province

Last year's sales revenue(Mio $)


Background of shareholders:

First with 20+ years commercial background
Second with 20+ years technical background

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-12-12

The factory integrated the powder pressing and heat treatment in house,and partnered with external machining facilitation, which gained them high competence in the industry. On top of that, there are four lines of furnace for sintering includes one line from MAHLER Germany.

The most important factor is the raw material as far as metallurgy is concerned, while they use two wellknown brands Sweden and American Hoeganaes, which accounts for 70-80% of all their raw materials input. Strict and clear separation of different materials in the warehouse is implemented to avoid contamination. 

Overall the 5S of shop floor is in good shape. 

Power tools and auto parts respectively positioned first two majority in terms of sales revenue, representatives are Black&Decker, Magna Austria which is direct exporting business to Austria. And they would like to keep the strategy and welcome more contracts from auto field in the future.

A new purification workshop is under construction and will be put into use by middle of 2019.

The owner equipped with sophisticated experience in metallurgy industry in ferrous metal, with more than 20 years, and won him a nice reputation.

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