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Suzhou Silver Alloy Co.,Ltd.


Main materials: AgWC(30%) / AgC(25%) / AgWC-C(20%) / AgW / AgNi

Main processes: Infiltration / Extusion / Sintering

Certification: ISO 9001

Key Market: Low voltage electric appliance (switch, MCCB,ACB…)

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Powder Metallurgy Supplier - Silver Alloy Metallurgy Parts

Process: Metallurgy

Industry: Electricity

Material: Ag


The company’s product portfolio includes contact materials and semi-finished contacts, precision stamping parts and electromechanical assemblies. AgC, AgNi, AgW, AgWC, AgWCC, CuW... The main tasks of switching electrical contacts are to close and open electrical circuits, in the closed stage to transmit electrical signals without distortion, and to carry currents with the least amount of energy losses. In their wide range of applications silver based contact materials have to meet different requirements. The development of alloys made by melt-metallurgical processes and powder metallurgical composite materials broadened the range of properties of silver based materials significantly. This offers the user a wider spectrum of silver materials, optimized for a variety of application requirements.The company’s main customers come mainly from the electrical industry . Like Siemens,ABB and Changshu switch.

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Suzhou,Jiangsu Province

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PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-04-19

The company is an excellent electrical contact material and powder metallurgy supplier integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has a complete product system( (AgWC; AgW; AgC; AgWCC; AgNi…) for the preparation of various types of electrical contact materials to the processing of integrated components, capable of meeting the performance needs of various types of electrical appliances such as MCB,MCCB,ACB,switch…

Their key customer is ABB including ABB Xinhui and ABB Italy…The main advantages of the company is their unique metallurgy manufacturing processes including infiltration, sintering and extrusion which need 10years+ experience and knowledge. They also focus on the development of new technologies, new processes and new formulations of electrical contact materials. The company has cooperated with Suzhou University and North China University of Technology for long-term extensive research and education. 

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