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Suzhou Silver Alloy Co.,Ltd.


Main materials: AgWC(30%) / AgC(25%) / AgWC-C(20%) / AgW / AgNi

Main processes: Infiltration / Extusion / Sintering

Certification: ISO 9001

Key Market: Low voltage electric appliance (switch, MCCB,ACB…)

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Powder Metallurgy Company -Silver Tungsten Carbide AgWC & AgWCC Contact Tip

Process: Metallurgy


Material: Ag


Sliver-tungsten AgW,silver-tungsten carbide AgWC and silver-tungsten carbide-graphite AgWC/C electricalcontacts tip.Produced with adoption of the techology of powder metallurgy sintering of infiltration,these contacts have arc corrosion-proof,welding-proof and better for electrical wearing etcfine features. They are applied on conventional circuit breakers,moulded case circuit breakers,vacuum contactors ,heavy duty AC & DC contactors and other switch electrcal appliances. This family of AgWC contact materials typically containing 40-60 wt-% tungsten carbide consists of a combination of the hard and wear resistant WC with high conductivity Ag. Compared to Ag/W these Ag/WC materials are characterized by a higher weld resistance. They also exhibit a lower increase in contact resistance under nominal load switching duty because of the formation of a CO containing cover gas during arcing, which in turn limits the access of oxygen und resulting oxide formation on the contact surface. For even higher restrictions on heat rise small additives of graphite are used which in turn however reduce the arc erosion resistance to a certain degree. Such silver-tungsten carbide+graphite materials with 27 wt-% WC and 3 wt-% graphite or 16 wt-% WC and 2 wt-% graphite are manufactured as discrete tips utilizing the press-sinter-repress process

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Suzhou,Jiangsu Province

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PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-04-19

The company is an excellent electrical contact material and powder metallurgy supplier integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has a complete product system( (AgWC; AgW; AgC; AgWCC; AgNi…) for the preparation of various types of electrical contact materials to the processing of integrated components, capable of meeting the performance needs of various types of electrical appliances such as MCB,MCCB,ACB,switch…

Their key customer is ABB including ABB Xinhui and ABB Italy…The main advantages of the company is their unique metallurgy manufacturing processes including infiltration, sintering and extrusion which need 10years+ experience and knowledge. They also focus on the development of new technologies, new processes and new formulations of electrical contact materials. The company has cooperated with Suzhou University and North China University of Technology for long-term extensive research and education. 

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