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Suzhou Laikes Powder Co.,Ltd


Main materials: Fe based / Copper based / Stainless Steel

Main processes: Molding-Sintering-Shaping-Machining-Heat Treatment

Certification: ISO9001

Key Market: Aerospace / Aviation / Medicine / Garden tools

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MIM Supplier Metal Injection Molding -Steel

Process: Metallurgy

Industry: Automotive

Material: Stainless steel


MIM technology offers you a host of appealing advantages: Full utilization of the strength properties of the material being used Mechanical strength of workpieces equal to that achieved with conventional manufacturing processes Surface treatment using frictional grinding, mirror polishing, sandblasting, passivation, electropolishing, or etching Coating using burnishing or plating with chrome, copper, nickel, silver or gold Avoids production costs and the use of expensive assembly and connection techniques Significantly lower costs for complex components 25% to 65% less expensive than conventional production processes

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Jiangsu Province

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Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-09-14

8 years operation has resulted in 20mio CNY sales approximately last year with some 20 employees in total. It engages both powder pressing with 8 presses and MIM (metal injection molding) with 3 injectors as its core processes, and at the different workshops. Copper base, Iron based materials like FeNi and also SS are the major they process.

High mix and low to medium volume business is well prefered and at it's advantage. Although there is no direct exporting business, but it does serve several multinational OEM clients in China, which provides them better understanding of the quality requirements of products.

A typical technology driven company with highly viable technology head, 10 years experience in development. Two engineers. English ability at technical communication level.

Product quality is well controlled, higher attention is put on the raw materials and no compromise is made. While the whole system is on the way to improve still.

expertise in powder mixing, additives and microelement operations on its own. Due to the confidentiality, we did not tour the mixing process.

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