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We-Transcend Suzhou Precision Powder Co.,Ltd


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Main processes: PM

Certification: ISO 9001 / IATF16949

Key Market: automotive; / Power tool; / Medical device

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Powder Metal Component Manufacturer PM Parts Pawls, Indentor Holders, Socket

Process: Metallurgy

Industry: Power tool

Material: Fe based


Powder metal components used for power tool. One of the advantages of using a Powder Metal process to manufacture a part is the ability to design the part to exact specifications that eliminate the need for secondary operations or additional machining. Parts can be simple or complex and combined with other parts to reduce assembly costs. Hand Tools - Pawls, indentor holders, socket Grinding Tools - Time belt pulleys, push rods spacers

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Basic information:

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Suzhou,Jiangsu Province

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2 sharehoulder, one for commercial, another for technical.

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-07-12

Business of medium volume high mix is the core strategy, serving several nice brands in domestic has gained them good experience and knowledge in quality management in addition. 

The willingness to cooperate and good commitment.

The system of process quality management is well implemented such as SPC methodology, which we identified on site. 

The material flow is lean, starting from mixed powder, pressing, sintering, calibration, tumbling and final part.

Senior management with a lot of technical experience in the industry, more than 10 years.

English capability is well established.

Continuous improvement process is deployed for process optimization, sometimes also upon request by clients.

Second furnace line is on the way to be installed this year, to mitigate the production risks and increase the flexibility.


Only very small portion of direct exporting business, but willing to expand.

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