Manufacturer Name:

Wuxi Xinlucky machinery Co.,Ltd


Main materials: Alloy, / SS, / Cu, / Al, / Fe

Main processes: VMC / CNC / CNC Lathe


Key Market: America company / Germany company

Sales Territory

Top 5 customers:

SUS304 Shaped connecting tube

Process: Machining

Industry: Fluid Management

Material: Stainless steel


CNC machining stainless steel connecting tubes are used for fluid management. An experienced precision machining manufacturer in China. We provide one-stop and cost-effective CNC machining services to customize all kinds of metal and plastic machined parts with tight tolerance. Our one-stop machining services can provide you with part CNC machining, surface finishing, and parts assembly, to save your time and money. Our goal is ” to provide services and products with European quality but at Chinese price.”

Manufacturer basic information:

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No. of QA/QC


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WuXi, Jiangsu Province

Last year's sales revenue(Mio $)


Background of shareholders:

9+ years technical background

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-10-23

40 employees made RMB 10M sales in year 2018. This supplier has 9 years work experience on precise machining parts which used in fluid control equipment and electrical engineering system. Especially good at threads machining.

hig mix-low volume, quick response. Sales focus on local foreign company.

8 engineers, English capability is not available. 

ISO9000 certification. The supplier set up KPI and quality target.

The site is clean and organized.

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