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NingBo Bigblue Mechanical Co.,Ltd


Main materials: AL(96%) / Zn(2%) / Others(2%)

Main processes: Die casting Machining

Certification: ISO9001 TS16949

Key Market: Auto Motor

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Steering Column parts -0.40KG

Process: Die-casting/machining

Industry: Automotive

Material: Aluminium


Steering column components are used for automotive industry. Our die casting services for automobile enclosures and parts include the use of aluminum alloys. A key advantage of using aluminum in the die casting process is its low cost — aluminum parts are much less expensive than parts produced by other manufacturing processes. From a functionality perspective, aluminum die cast parts typically weigh one-third less than steel parts, while still offering the strength and durability that is essential for any automobile fixture.

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Ningbo, Jiangsu

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Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-01-12

9 years machining experience started to help them gain exporting business to Europe and America from 2017.

They focus on automobile and motor components and used to partner with an external source of casting producer very closely. However, their commitment of better quality and higher delivery performance is well recognized and even decide to invest USD1.25 million high pressure die casting line (800T*1; 500T*2;280T*2 ) in house, which will be commissioned by Apr 2019 and ramped up soon later. Orders of higher mix can be handled and targeting at exporting business.

A committed and experienced team especially in die casting and machining technology although their average age is just around 30.Transparent to clients and in communications, customer satisfaction oriented.

English capability is installed.

ISO9001 and IATF16949 certified.Cope with clients' request for full quality control from raw materials through container loading inpsection.

Hexagon Global version CMM is about put into use soon by Apr., 2019.

As we see they keep on investing, which is good sign for sustainability.

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