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Suzhou Yiguan Hardware Co.,Ltd


Main materials: Zn, 80% / Al, 20%

Main processes: Die Casting / Machining

Certification: ISO 9001

Key Market: Automotive parts / Lock industrial / Furniture bathroom / Mechenical / Electronic application / Telecommunication

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Electronics tool part by Zinc die casting manufacturer

Process: Die-casting/machining

Industry: Telecommunication

Material: Zinc


Electronics tool parts are used for telecommunication. Zamak No. 3 and ZA-8, both offer the ability to cast with intricate detail and close dimensional tolerances at high production rates. ZA-8 is often the choice when additional strength and greater creep resistance is required. Over the years, we have exported a variety of die casting parts to oversea customers. We strive to maintain high quality standard and provide cost savings to customers. Depending on your application we can support zinc die casting, machining as well as surface finishing.

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Suzhou,Jiangsu Province

Last year's sales revenue(Mio $)


Background of shareholders:

First with 10+ years technical background
Second with 10 years comercial background

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-07-18

10+ years experience in zinc alloy die casting production. 30 employees created RMB 25M sales in year 2018. The supplier has more than 15 sets of die casting machines. The process includes die casting, drilling, tapping, CNC, slow wire cutting and etc. They have strong ability to develop and manufacture mold.

The industries focus on automotive, electromechanical and bathroom instrument, 90% business is with the local foreign company. Middle volume is their favorite. 

Owner has strong technical background (mold design & making) and 2 technical staffs have more than 10 year experience.

ISO 9001 quality system certified and perform quality control. 8D, Pareto and Yield is used in quality management. 

Lean concept used for production layout.

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