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Ningbo VEKON Copper


Main materials: Tellurium copper / Oxygen Free Copper / Copper silver alloy

Main processes: CNC Machining / Hot forging / Auto punching

Certification: ISO9001

Key Market: Electricity transmission / New energy vehicle / Welding tool

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Oxygen free copper bar

Process: Casting/Machining

Industry: Automation

Material: Copper

Weight: 16

Oxygen free copper bars are used for automation industry. Characteristics of oxygen-free copper alloys are high electrical and thermal, high ductility, ease of welding, high impact strength, and low volatility under high vacuum. It is highly suitable for a number of industrial applications, including the manufacture of electronic products and products that operate within vacuum conditions.For best service, please use our online quoting system, or contact by email.

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Ningbo,Zhejiang Province

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First with 20+ years technical background

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-05-18

A company specialized in manufacturing copper materials & components since 1996, and has been a supplier of top 500 global corporations for many years( such as ABB, Siemens,Alstom,Eaton…).

Main processing technology is extrusion with a non-oxidizing copper rod through a continuous extruder and cold drawing with a cold drawing machine. Key copper are T2,TU1, C1…

The team equipped with sound knowledge of copper manufacturing is quite committed. Technical directors are very knowledgable and experienced in this industry.

The whole manufacturing process is controlled by them, they do manufacturing from raw material melting to machining, as well as from mold designing to production engineering.

A variety shapes of the products are available: sheet / tape / strip / wire / rod / pipe / block / square / segment / any other customized shape; and technologies include: punching, tapping, carving, twisting, cutting, milling, riveting, bending, drilling, plating, sleeving, coating.

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