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Wuxi Yongsheng Metal Product Co., Ltd


Main materials: Ductile iron-400-18(40%) / Gray iron(35%) / SS(25%)

Main processes: Silica Precision Casting / Sand casting

Certification: ISO9001

Key Market: Automotive parts(50%) / machine parts(20%) / Others(30%)

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Precision castings

Process: Casting/Machining

Industry: Automotive

Material: Steel


Precision investment casting used for automotive industry. Materials meet ANSI, ASTM and AWS standards. Kanban services and JIT delivery available.

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Wuxi,Jiangsu Province

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Family Business, old brother take care for tech, 2 small for production and sales

Major production equipment and testing equipment

PINTUU evaluation

Date: 2018-04-18

26 years of casting experience.Investment casting and sand casting is the core process and followed by Shot blasting and machining, which is scattered in two different places in Wuxi city. They invested new automatic sand casting line to secure high productivity and environment protection friendly. 

Current sales portfolio includes automobile components and power tools parts mainly, 80% of them are sold to foreign companies in China, and many will be exported eventually when assembled with clients' own parts. Medium mix is the preferred order type. The weight of investment casted products capability falls into 10kg approx.

This is a family owned enterprise. Two sons of the boss take over the control and management now. One, whom studied casting technology in college,  is responsible for production, technology, quality and customers; while the second is taking the rest. 

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Strong attention is paid to incoming inspection and final quality check. Basic inspection and testing equipment is installed.They also welcome external third party quality check before shipment is made.

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