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This factory specializes in the production of powder metallurgy pressing, injection molding products and solution provider. It provides a large number of high precision, high density, high strength, high proportion tungsten alloy, with high quality and sophiscated shape and good mechanical properties. Materials cover fine tungsten alloy, tungsten steel, hard alloy, iron, copper, stainless steel, and it has a viable production capacity to meet the different the types of customer needs.

There are more than 150 employees, and its production lines include Matsu Shinzora degreasing furnace and the German "CREMER" continuous sintering furnace. The team and company has more than 10 years good experiences and knowledge, and very much committed to providing customers with good solutions and quality service.

      Their applications: aerospace, aviation, military, oil well, brick electrical instruments, medicine, electronics, light source, automobile, motorcycle, electric tools, garden tools, machinery, equipment, sewing machine, textile machine, compressor, communication, optical fiber, mechanical parts etc.



1. Identified quality system for whole processes of manufacturing.

2. Very good production and inspection equipment, which guarantees the quality


Technical capability:

Capability of both powder pressing and metal injection molding

Products and applications:


Powder impacting parts photo:

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