machining Factory2


28 years of excellence


-       Co-develop and manufacture high mix – mid volume mechanical components for the equipment manufacturing industry, telecommunication industry, IT industry, semiconductor industry etc.

-       Machine and assemble mechanical modules for the equipment manufacturing industries

-       Participate in the ‘early supplier involvement’ and the proposal of cost effective component manufacturing processes


 CNC Milling Machines – 18 units

 CNC Turning Machines – 2 unit

 Milling Machines – 2 units (Argo)

 Grinding Machines – 1 units (Okamoto)

 CMM Crystal Apex C574 – 1 unit (Mitutoyo)

 Vision Measuring Machine – 1 unit (Serein)

 Contracer – 1 unit (Mitutoyo)

 Roughness Tester – 1 unit (Mitutoyo)

 Air Gauge Tester – 3 untis

 De-burring Machine – 3 units

 Degreasing (Cleaning) Line – 1 unit



-- long history; engineering experience; good onsite management

-- willing to handle middle and small order, even from beginning of design.



-       Most products are CNC Milling


Technical capability:

Raw: Aluminum; Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel 1008-1045, Brass, Alloy Steel

Diameter: 0.50 to 250.00mm

Length: 1.50 to 500.00mm

Products and applications:


CNC parts photo:
cnc 8
cnc 9
cnc 2
cnc 7
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