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Gravity die casting supplier

This factory was founded in 2007 in Jiangsu province, and covers an area of 4,000 square meters, ISO9001 certified.

It produces complex aluminum alloy castings and has strong design and producing capacity of special electrical motors. It has all kinds of tilting type gravity casting machines, low pressure die casting machines, shell core machine and related supporting after-treatment equipment, together with various of CNC machines.

Full services from product mold designing, mold fabrication, casting, machining processes and fixture designing and finishing can be offered.

There is already collaboration with many well-known brands such as Ford, Belle, Chrysler, Ingersoll Rand, Cooper, Hobart; and products exported to US, West Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.



1.  Good tractability from raw materials to finished products

2.  Mold and fixture designing and fabrication

3.  Specialize in motor production and testing

Products and applications:


Gravity die casting parts photo:

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