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As for customers, to find some reliable manufacturers in China for some demand, especially customized demand in industrial sector, is also crucial. You can not wait to say sorry to your end user because your demand product could not be provided timely.


Customized demand differs a lot from ordinary demand, you can not forecast your demand plan to your cooperated manufacturers to prepare in advance. The unique characteristics of customized products, high mix low volume, might be the common pain among purchasers in industrial sector. The reason is mainly as follows;


1. Time consuming. It takes much time to source such manufacturers in China, who could support your customized product demand and are capable of providing you with good quality products in small volume according to your required time.   


2. High Cost.Generally speaking, taking the production cost, change over cost into consideration, you might not able to have your customized demand met with competitive price in shorten time through your regular manufacturing partners in hand.


These 2 points mentioned above might not be the worst experience for you. In order to deal with your rush customized order, you need contact your present cooperating manufacturers to see who could help solve your urgent request. And it happened that they have extra output, it is no problem, while if not? 


A right supplier in China, who could not only meet your customized product sourcing service but also provide supplier management service, is what you need. You need have your demand put forward only and wait to have the right product at right time.


In addition, according to some latest statistics of National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Commerce about China's economic performance that exports still accounts for a large proportion in trade in goods in first three quarters of year 2020. 


Notes:unless otherwise indicated,growth rates reflect year-on year changes 


It indicates that the exports demand is still huge even the whole world is still struggling with Covid-19. And according to the statistics, value added in industrial enterprises above designated size increases 1.2% also. These indicators indicate that China still has big advantage in industrial manufacturing field.


If you are dealing with metal parts, taking  time and cost into consideration, you may need a right supplier in this sector in China to help support your management over your Chinese suppliers.


Due to Covid-19, the normal business activity is interrupted and it leads to great inconvenience to international business in deed. Because of entry inconvenience, you might have difficulty in managing your present supplier in China; you might have to postpone your sourcing schedule; you might spend much time on communication then before...However, we might still need a long way to go before the human find the effective vaccine, which could prevent and cure this terrible Covid-19 finally. Bothered by it?


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