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Partner is defined as “ a person associated with another or others as a principal or a contributor of capital in a business or a joint venture, usually sharing its risks and profits” in


In industrial manufacturing realm, partner mainly involves in customer, manufacturer, supplier. The relationship between these parties is extremely important to guarantee timely and quality delivery.


To customers in this field, if the demand is normal products, the procedure can be as usual. Some of manufacturers do have a “can-do” attitude and are always at your side also.    


While, if it is customized products, the situation might be quite different. As we know, the characteristics of customized products, high mix low volume, is special. At this time, not all of your present partners could meet your customized demand, taking their business scope, reevaluation of production possibility, changeover for such low volume and etc. into consideration. They are willing to support but...


Under such kind of circumstances, the partnership confined to regular parties is far more not enough.


Time is critical to business. If you rely on regular partner too much, much time needs to be spent this time. Then, how could you seize such business opportunity? If you are a big company, there might be no problem to you since it is a small sums of money only. However, when it turns to those small and medium sized companies, each business opportunity is precious to them.


The purchasing guy who meets such problem might ask “ Then, will be enough time left for me to develop such kind of suppliers to support the urgent manufacturing?” Surely, it is not only time consuming but also cost consuming to some degree, if you follow the normal purchasing procedure to source new partner.

In order to solve this problem, you may think of Alibaba, Bambify or some traditional online service providers because of your regular surfing habit.

Yes, usually you might have your regular demand met through these channels easily while when it comes to customized demand, especially for industrial product, you have to spend more time to surf on line or you may ask your friends or colleagues nearby, who has experience in dealing with foreign business, for help to find your partner so as to lower your product cost.

And the ability of your newly selected partner also needs to be tested for quite a long time. If your “ideal partner” does not have the ability to help you deal with your sourcing demand, bothered by it?  


Then a trust worthy, professional purchasing partner is welcomed.

Meantime, such partner should also bear following traits;

1.provide reliable one stop purchasing service (product + supply chain service is better)

2.quick response (from quotation to after sales)

3.dealing with domestic business + overseas business

4.accept customized product demand, no matter it is high mix low volume.

5.sense of long term cooperation


Such kind of partner, differs from your regular partner, should also be considered as a very important part to back up your smooth business.