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Several days later, comes the traditional Chinese new Year. 2020 is the year of the Rat in China. The twelve years of the Chinese horoscope begin with the Year of the Rat. It means another 12 years will have passed. 

This traditional festival is considered as the most important holiday in China. Family reunion is an eternal topic in this festival. As we know, China has a large territory and the economic conditions varies in different areas, different cities. It is normal that people from northern China work or settle down in the southern China. Thus, to those who live far away from relatives, friends and those who have relatives and friends in cities far away from them, this big festival means a lot. 

With the development of Chinese economy, people’s ideas have changed a lot also. More and more young people choose to get married late.It is Ok with them. However, such kind of phenomenon can not be accepted by most of their parents, who believe that the young people are in the age to get married and seeing their children get married will always be their top concern. So, it is Ok for such kind of unmarried people to prepare a large sum of money as a gift of blessing to their relatives during Spring Festival. But, when it turns to the topics of marriage, the atmosphere of conversation changes.The relatives would try their best to persuade he or her to get married soon in name of their seniors. Even more, they might perform the role of match maker to arrange several blind dates without matching his or her personality, interest and hobbies or what kind of partner will be his or her choice.Thus, in most cases, such kind of blind matching ends up with a failure.


As a match maker in marriage, he or she should have a full understanding about two parties, which is the key premise to get the probability to have a happy ending. We, Pintuu, as a match maker in industry field, whose role is to help clients to match the quality manufacturer with reasonable price to get customized metal parts. On one hand, we have professional technique team to make sure your requirement is well understood. On the other hand, we will match your needs with dozens of manufacturers, who have been pre-assessed by our professional team, consisting of technique and quality expertise, in advance. And such kind of manufacturers produces parts for many well known enterprises in the world either directly or indirectly. You could have a rough understanding about the matched manufactures on our web. We scores all of our cooperating manufacturers from background, technique, quality certification and other dimensions to make sure you are connecting with the qualified priced manufacturers.


Besides matching, we have order tracking systems online so that the important process of whole producing could be tracked timely. And during this process, our professional quality control people will follow the process also. In addition, if you need delivery service, we will be glad to help you.


Including matching services, we also provide supplier consulting services, on-site audit, supplier management services, as well as all sourcing related services.


Distinguished clients, want to GET MARRIED with your right supplier asap? Contact us today!

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