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We are dedicated to providing you with matched manufacturers of exceptional quality parts you can rely on. The processes of our key die casting manufactures are hot chamber and cold chamber. 

Cold chamber die casting is ideal for metals with high melting points and corrosive properties, like aluminum. Cold chambers are typically built to contain multiple cavities, so different machine parts can be created at the same time — either duplicates or a variety of different parts in the same mold. Hot chamber machines are used primarily for zinc, copper, magnesium, lead and other low melting point alloys that do not readily attack and erode metal pots, cylinders and plungers.

We take advanced machines and technology to provide process in consistency, high precision, and low cost. Combining automated process monitoring, experienced process technicians could detect process issues and correct out of control variables.

 X-ray, 3D measurement, on-site measurement, visual measurement, air decay leak tester are set in process to find porosity, dimensional issues, appearance issues and leak issues, also preventing these defects is a part of the process control.


Die casting is an efficient manufacturing process, our manufacture delivers a reliable process to meet customer's requirement.

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