The 5 online tools we use for verifying suppliers

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We’ve talked about earlier legitimacy verification in article 2 in 1 matching, save your cost and effort, and we’d like to share with you more about what tools we use when checking authenticity of the supplier.


a. Supplier registration information, ownership chart, legal status and more

1. Tianyancha or Qichacha, the very first online tool, credited by the government, thus with high credibility and popularity in China. We use this tool (both are the same, only different company) to cross check the basic information we received during the pre-assessment process with the supplier. However we also use them for checking whether the supplier has legal issues, IP infringement issues, shareholder’s background, ownership and equity history etc. Once you find something strange about this company, you must stay vigilant when in partnership with them.


b. Supplier business license

2. National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, the second online tool for checking company’s background, which is rather a double-check of its business license, a mirror image of the BL, and it’s very updated.


c. Supplier exporting registration

3. Exporter registration, the online tool to check whether the company has the authorization to export, and since when.


d. Supplier exporting trade and records

4. TOPEASE, a wonderful paid system (we pay annually), where you could get a full view of supplier’s customer base, although it might be a bit intrusive, so that you can have a strong sense of its business situation, which is of great value in terms of how we judge the supplier.


e. Supplier certifications in Quality system, environment system

5. National certification and accreditation information public service platform, on which you can check the validity of ISO certifications, IATF 16949 certifications, CCC certifications etc. from nominated companies, and even past or obsolete certifications.


In general, these tools are very useful and easy to operate, and you’ll be required to pay if you need more advanced data. However, the challenge for our international clients is that all content is in Chinese.  

Checking with these tools is incorporated into our pre-assessment process to further make sure the right weight we grade supplier. 

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