How PINTUU engineer review casting drawing


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1. Alloy material of the part; the type of alloy and the required technical performance (considering mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, casting properties, processing properties, etc.); alternative material if need.

2. The shape structure, whether the 2D drawing matches the structure displayed on the 3D;

3. Dimensions, whether the dimensions on the drawing are fully marked; whether the dimensions of the comments are the same as those measured on the 3D drawing; whether the dimensions of the 2D drawing take into account of rounded transition and draft angle …

4. Accuracy, dimensional accuracy, form and position precision.

5. Wall thickness, wall connections, ribs and rounded corners, etc.

6. Check mold parting, die direction and draft angle.

7. Check core-pulling position, the Intersection of cores and the inner side concave.

8. Pushing direction and putter position.

9. Small holes, deep holes, threads and teeth, etc.

10. Clamping positioning of the insert, metal coating if need.

11. Patterns, text, symbols and embossing.

12. Datum and machining position as well as clamping position.

13. Surface appearance.

14. Special quality requirements.

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