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Recently, I have paid a visit to dozens of small and medium-sized metal forming companies together with my colleagues. We evaluate these companies and score them from 6 aspects, such as quality, project management, cost, service, commitment and sustainability. I had a strong feeling since last month. After first meeting and factory tour, I have had a preliminary evaluation deep down already. Usually the preliminary evaluation result is very close to the actual score of the factory evaluation. When I shared this feeling with my friend, who works in SGS, she said that she also has similar feeling.


Why do we have this kind of feeling? I made analysis and finally summarized the word “habits of the company”. Company, like a person, has good habits and bad habits that are easy to identify on a daily basis. Good habits of the company are in line with the modern management system, because this is the experience that many management masters have summed up.


We have observed that companies that meet the following three habits will rate higher and these habits make their business more success.

1.In order

This is easy to observe. Neat factory, smooth logistics and production process, exception handling, streamlined production management personnel as well as well-organized site.

2.Focus on CIP

The company is always choosing actions, assessments and thinking for changes together with market. When a successful management team views facts more objectively, it must be able to see options and improve them soon.


The milestones let them know that they are heading the right path. When they plan and implement, they will get target faster. Set milestones to understand what the company will do in next five years. Based on this consideration, connect the driving force of value creation and then push back to depict the most important steps and achievements that will occur along this path. Finally, celebrate when these milestones are truly realized.


Comparing with personal habits, company habits are usually more stubborn and not easily changed. Change will involve a lot of time and energy and will touch the interest of many people. Therefore, we identify the good supplier through audit, which will be more efficient and bring great value to our customers.

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