Up to you, boss!


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-“What about this pattern of the tile?” 

-“I have to ask my boss’s opinion.”

-“Who’s your boss?”

- “My wife.”

That’s a conversation between a clerk and a man in a tile shop on Sunday.


Our society is undergoing an upheaval, both on economy and politics. Actually, about the rights and obligations of a couple, it was quite opposite in the past. Husband is always the boss, who determines almost everything in his family and his wife has to obey.

Although the situation is changing dramatically in family, yet less faster in organizations, distinctively in private owned companies in China, apparently with people born in 1950s in senior management team, boss makes decisions and dictates solutions.


We meet bosses at manufacturers and maintain relationships with them.

What we do is to identify the real decision maker, the boss, for our business. Sometimes they are the owner of the manufacturer but not always, they can be also general manager, vice general manager or even section manager, who has the mandate and is trusted by the big boss and you can definitely talk to and make agreement with him or her.


During our visit to the suppliers or potential suppliers, we make sure to have a conversation with the boss of the organization. Getting to know their management, strategy, competition, supply chain and customers helps us have an overall picture quickly and also would provide the recommendations what kind of inquiries can be matched later on with them. 


Risky to expect  translator of your supplier to seal the contract .

Yes, he/she may have the best English skills that will favor your communications on site, but  should you pause and ask if  the person in front of you is the right one who can sign the contract with you. Otherwise, you need ask for the approval of real boss and get their signature.

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