Tooling sourcing by European medical devices maker

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Toolings and plastic injection molding components of small volume high mix, identical 1.25mio EUR (components, tooling excluded) business size per annual.


1. Look for good molds and molding factory with rich experiences in different plastic and rubber molding technology, and ideally for medical applications.

2. Reduce costs and improve quality of molding.

3. Manage the supply chain.


1. Supplier pool is built, and their competence matrix is filed by our own team.

2. Needs analysis is done for the first several articles contract manufacturing by our technician together with customer.

3. Supplier smart matching is made towards customer’s needs.

4. The first several samples are developed, some are approved, and others are ongoing.

5. Order is managed for these approved ones and quality (i.e.: tolerances) is improved when comparing to former supplies.

6. Savings is achieved as the total quality is improved through China sourcing of plastic molding and molds.

7. Deliveries are better, communications are improved as well.

8. Regular visits are made to the supply source to keep the relationship vitalized.


Due to the success of the initial project, customer’s confidence is built for our capability and also factory’s, other plastic articles and molds are in the scope of China sourcing for us to come.

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