PDCA Cycle


The PDCA cycle can be applied to all processes. Learn the four stages:

1.Plan: establish the objectives and its processes, and the resources needed to deliver results in accordance with customer’s requirements and the organization’s policies, identify and address risks and opportunities;

2.Do: implement what was planned;

3.Check: monitor and (where applicable) measure processes and the resulting products and services against policies, objectives, requirements and planned activities, report the results;

4.Act: take actions to improve performance, as necessary;


Below is a simple example of PDCA used in supplier quality control

1. We made quality control plan with supplier together. Inspection items, quantity, frequency and inspection method for IQC, in-process, FQC, OQC and get customer approval.

2. When supplier produced the product in process and few finish products were worked out, we had audited supplier in-site. We found the material source was different with FA process, components were not separated packing and it would cause surface damage in transportation, the gauge was not calibrated and material had ROSH certification but surface treatment had not ROSH certification. We asked supplier take action ASAP.

3. Supplier took corrective action to submit material source change application, made the components packing separate, used qualified gauge to inspection and did ROSH certification of surface treatment.

4. We permitted supplier ship out goods after we verified all actions were closed and the requests were qualified. All documents were archived for history record. We will reduce inspection quantity and frequency when supplier quality level is improved.


Normally we perform site visit then witness in the first and second batch to control quality. After the process is stable, we check and analysis data only to determine to ship it out or not.


Planning is an important stage because it needs a lot of experience. Team work is a good method to work out a good plan.


Action plan should be written down and be issued to responsible person and be followed before deadline.


PDCA cycle should be repeated again and again for continuous improvement.

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