An American fluid handling solution provider's China sourcing

An American fluid handling solution provider demands medium volume die casted components from China. 


 Look for viable aluminum die casting manufacturer in China, with commitment in medium volume (some 6,000 – 15,000 sets per item p.a.).

2. The ideal factory is also required to consolidate the machining processes and surface treatment like painting and deburring as secondary operations.

3. Reduce costs and improve delivery performance.

4. Outsource the inspections before shipment.

5.Manage the supply chain. 


1. Supplier pool is built, and their competence matrix is filed by our own team.

2. Needs analysis is done for full components contract manufacturing by our technician together with customer.

3. Supplier smart matching is made towards customer’s needs.

4. Sample is developed and approved.

5. Order is managed and quality is ensured by onsite inspections.

6. Lead time of components manufacturing is significantly reduced.

7. Substantial savings is achieved through China sourcing of machined die castings.

8. Regular visits are made to the supply source to keep the relationship vitalized.


Thanks to the success of the initial project, other components, including die castings of aluminum and zinc, have been sourced from China by us.

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