A completely new Match Maker


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Have you ever experienced the similar math question in your childhood?

2 groups of students go to the park. The numbers of students in 2 groups are 21 and 20 respectively. The ticket fare of park is as follows,

a. RMB20/ticket

b. RMB18/ticket(if the qty is over 20)

c. RMB15/ticket(if the qty is over 40)

Question: how much should each group pay for ticket?

Answer A: RMB378 & RMB400

Answer B: RMB315 & RMB300


There is no single correct answer to this question. Either A or B is correct under certain condition. Only when someone suggests or brings these 2 groups to buy the tickets together, can they save some money. Usually we name such kind of Someone, Match Maker. They play a very important role between party A and party B, especially both parties are not familiar with each other.

However, such kind of match makers is always individual. And he or she’s own ability or personality affects the result a lot to some degree. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for 2 parties if they want to get a much better result. A professional and experience team who could take over this responsibility will be very necessary.


Maybe you are suffering from similar problems when you source customized metal parts in China. For instance, 2 or more products are needed from your side and it may not be able to get it from 1 supplier. Thus, you have to communicate with these suppliers about goods, delivery issues and so on one by one. What’s more, if delivery terms requires Buyer to arrange transportation, it means that you have to find the shipping suppliers, negotiate with them to process transportation with each supplier by yourself.


To save some cost, you may have spent more time and energy than you expected. At the very beginning, better quality and reasonable cost are the initial intention of your sourcing, while you may doubt now whether it is the right choice or not if you deal with the customized parts business by yourself or depend on some individual now.


Luckily, you have us, PINTUU, a B2B platform. A completely new Match Maker to some degree! We could be The Certain Conditions to help get result, answer B, in math question above. We not only have rich qualified metal parts suppliers’ resource, but also could provide with professional shipping services by using long-term cooperated shipping forwarders. Then, your shipping is simplified and reasonable cost could be guaranteed.

Furthermore, all of process could be traced from our platform. One stop services could be gotten here. Is it amazing?


Join us, you will have a refreshing sourcing experience in your customized metal parts from China!

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