3 Principles to Make Mechanical Parts Outstanding


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We can get a lot of exciting words from some company's website describing the company's determination of quality, for example:

“We will provide you with high-quality products and efficient quality services.”“The customer's need is what we strive for is the business motto.”…

Quality is a prerequisite for product success, but not the only one. Talking about outstanding mechanical parts, there are no more than three aspects: ensured quality, compatible cost and timely delivery.

In view of the OUTSTANDING mechanical and plastic parts, we (PINTUU) believe that three principles should be paid attention to from the very beginning of customer's inquiry. Only by taking these three principles into consideration, then you will have the chance to make outstanding parts and bring real value to your customers.

Principle A: Process design is most crucial

Most Chinese suppliers only put a lot of inspectors in quality check and inspection, but we believe it's not enough. First step for outstanding parts should start from excellent process design. Only good process design can strictly control the cost of defects, process and time. Therefore, priority in process design is the first among all the principles.

Mechanical parts and components is not as sophisticated as the final product, their function is limited. However the biggest feature is multiple varieties and small-scale production. For such a product, it is a challenge for all companies. To be successful, you need to pay much attention at the beginning of the design.

1) The choice of PE (process engineer): you should choose one skilled PE acting as the project manager if possible. The project manager should not only have sufficient experience and ability in the design, but also have the corresponding responsibilities and skills in team coordination.

2) Technological process: at the beginning of the process design, you must make sure scheme is “right”, if the scheme has error in principle because of various constraints, then all the efforts of the follow-up are the “opposite”of the useful work, this will not only waste the manpower, but also incur additional financial cost and material waste for the company.

3) Details: at the same time, we also need to take into account the details of the design, for a good and reliable design, the detail is the king, the stability and applicability of the products must come from the details.

Principle B:  Process quality control

The quality control of the process is mainly embodied in five areas. Certainly, the five areas also have a great relationship with the cost and quality.

1. You need a comprehensive quality management system and a good team on site, to make sure that each process is in accordance with the pre-arranged processes and all process have clear table record.

2. Assembly and testing: simplification and standardization of the structure as much as possible. The simple tooling should be considered at the beginning of the process design. The standard assembly process, supporting facilities, production equipment, inspection equipment, the rationality of the process flow and the layout of the process are carried out to make the whole assembly process run smoothly under the barrier free conditions.

3. Control of quality and cost of purchasing: The selected equipment is unified as far as possible, the selected parts are universalized and standardized as far as possible, and the suppliers of these parts should be unified as well as possible.

4. Outsourcing: some processes can’t be completed in factories, for example, surface treatment. When selecting partners, a reliable supplier, who values long-term strategic cooperation, should be considered to improve the efficiency of the collaboration and reduce the cost of outsourcing through long-term and stable cooperation.

5. Process quality assurance: we must let the most skilled workers stand on the front line, and they are the biggest guarantee for the success of the project. After the initial success, the other workers can be taught.

Principle C: Timely communication

However, because of market need, most mechanical parts and components will need a complete trial production, together with mass production in a shortest time frame, which requires a highly successful rate. Therefore, a higher expectation of suppliers’ professionalism. PINTUU has some experts who are familiar with the processes, with abundant experience and design knowledge, and trying to ensure the accuracy and speed of production with the suppliers. Key structures and functions can be handled even if we do not do a hundred percent check.

Meanwhile, maintaining a good communication with suppliers is a critical step too. We keep the communication channels open and timely, with good service and good attitude to avoid some small mistakes.

We believe that these three principles must cooperate with each other, so that we can continuously provide outstanding parts and components to our clients. By building integrative corporations, customers, PINTUU and suppliers will reach the result of co-win.

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