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Normal business practice when you need to find a right supplier is an identification of a few potential suppliers followed by vetting process before order.


What’s the difference between identification and vetting?


Identification refers to finding the basic information of the most possible suppliers, who makes the similar products of yours, in our case components, or even with similar technology, holding required quality system, at least there are supporting and evidential documents etc, so it’s a data collection job.

Unlike identification, vetting is rather a facts-evidence checking process, and it’s about supplier’s legitimacy verification, for example you need to check they really are exporting by asking if they have a valid export certification issued by government and where they serve in addition, not just they claim they do.

What we do is to combine these two in one, we call it Matching.


How we make it happen, and help our customers get them matched with manufacturers of best quality possible, efficiently and safely? 

We follow three steps:

1. Firstly, we select the manufacturers that they either have partnered with global brands in China already or they are exporting to Europe/America for instance, thus they had been checked, challenged, educated and improved over a certain period, so they can meet their customers’ requirements in quality, delivery and service to maximum extent.And most importantly, we only use these resources for our customers, they must fall into one or two of the above mentioned scenarios while we invite them to join us. 

2. Secondly, we do not just rely on selection solely, but also verify in addition, even we are familiar with the boss of the factory in the past. What we do is to verify from multiple angles, including quality system, top management, technical capability, cost factor, service and even sustainability, so that we can have a full picture of the manufacturer.And we grade them based on the scores in each part, which will be used for later matching.


3. Thirdly, now we do the job above, consequently we receive your inquiry. In order to get the matching done efficiently, you are requested to provide us necessary information in addition to your inquiry. These information are not limited to your requirement of supplier quality, exporting experience, boss background, products structure and etc.With these information and good understanding, you could be matched with the suppliers in our network very quickly.


There is surely possibility we don’t have yet a suitable one in our network, then we start immediately the process, which takes the same consequence.


Keep in mind that the matching process should not and will not substitute an audit. 

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