Why should I use PINTUU help me for metal parts buying&sourcing from China?

It‘s not that difficult to find suppliers nowadays, since various online tools are available. But, for complex customized technical parts, finding and communicating can be of greater time consuming and complexity, considering quality assurance on top, very high risk with little success or even to fail in the end, especially for small and medium order quantity.

While PINTUU is doing business locally, we have already establish and maintain good relationships with lots of qualified metal parts suppliers (100+, and more comes to our portfolio every week), which can be crucial to most metal forming parts in China; with our expertise, we will find suitable supplier for you very soon.

What kind of savings can I expect?

We are talking about industrial products. In general, the savings can vary from 20% to 50% for metal parts such as die casting, stamping etc.,  A small portion of fee will have to be deducted including our commission and logistics.


What preparations should I have while I am sending an inquiry?

AS we focus preferentially on technical products, usually they are customized. It's difficult to start a sourcing process without drawings, technical specifications and all related requirement, which you are expected to send to us along with your inquiry.

Then we'll initiate the sourcing process to prepare a list of potential suppliers for next discussions, which will include verification, capability check, quotation management, and so on.

How can you connect good quality? what is 1+4 service?

We deploy “1+4” (One plus Four) methodology in connecting good quality about supply chain.

One: We have many available metal parts suppliers (Tier 2), who are used to supply to Tier 1 customers such as Siemens, ABB, GE, Bosch, Foxconn etc., as well as a lot more Tier 3, who supplies to Tier 2 directly. Their quality system is tested for a long time through the partnership with Tier 1, which gives us good confidence for their quality control and assurance.

Four: Then we apply four-step measure together with our selected supplier, depending on different categories, to ultimately ensure a product is produced to right quality, which includes:

i.            Supplier audit: before or during the cooperation we will audit the factory in terms of general operations, quality systems and capabilities according to quality standards like ISO, and then we will determine if the factory is a viable source.

ii.            Product specification clarification: only when the product details are well communicated and agreed, then you will not expect a different thing comes out through the production in the future. Defect classification is strongly suggested to be put into the specification, so that a future product automatically falls into acceptance or reject during quality checks, thus confusion can be greatly mitigated.

iii.            Sample approval: serving the purpose of ensuring the product specification, properties, and functions are satisfied.

iv.          Through production inspection: quality controlling starts at the beginning of production for raw materials and first article, then in-production (30% to 50% production quantities completed) and pre-shipment (100% quantities produced and 80% packaged), so that the issues are identified and resolved as earlier as possible.

How long does it take to fully qualify a new supplier?

Depends whether you take available off-the-shelf products or complex customized products, qualification time will vary from a few weeks until several months.

However, we have already available sources of suppliers with good quality system for many products, which are guaranteed by “1+4” (One plus Four) and can be used immediately for your evaluation, so that the time of qualification can be shortened dramatically. Please consult us for the information.

Quality or price?

Practically, we will find a good balance between good quality and price. However we don’t compromise the quality standard in order to meet the lowest price by choosing a cheaper supplier, substandard raw materials or components.  We value quality satisfaction, and it is always our baseline to do the business.

Is my Intellectual Property (IP) well protected?

We consider your IP extremely sensitive, thus use the same measure to protect it. Form of non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which is the formal document that can protect you from legal perspective, upon your requirement can be provided by you and signed between us, and certainly we can also sign NDA with the supplier per your request, so that extra protection of your property is in place.

On top of that, our suppliers have being doing business with Tier 1/2 for many years, consequently a very strong sense of IP protection is fostered as well as a good system is implemented.

Do you have minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement?

The minimum order value we may accept is EUR15, 000/shippment or equivalency in different currency. This will vary from one to another factory depends on different production requirements and setup. The minimum value is also considered to be meaningful since the existing minimum cost of logistics anyhow.

However we never differentiate our service quality in terms of the business size, and priority still will be kept.

Does PINTUU handle customs clearance and freight?

Yes, in practice we seldom separate these tasks with our daily business. We have partnered with logistics and freight forwarder, whom has sound international and domestic experience in air, ocean transportation and air express services, including cargo collection, reservation, custom declaration and inspection, consolidation, devanning, distribution, warehousing, bonded service and so on.

The forwarder has already established operation sites and warehouse under customs supervision in SHA (Shanghai Hongqiao international airport) and PVG (Shanghai Pudong international airport), which gives us great advantage to secure the logistics with higher efficiency.

How long does it take before I receive the shipment after my order issuing?

The manufacturers here will need 30 to 45 days (Chinese Spring Festival is an exception) to fabricate the molds, fixtures or jigs, then a sample is to be expected for approval (Usually it’s called first sample) for new product. Since then, another 30 to 60 days will be required to make the production, depending on the complexity and the order quantity of the product. According to the measure of transportation and port, transit time will be different as well. In general, it can be 4 to 6 weeks for sea and inland freight, but 2 weeks for air freight including customs clearance and unloading. However less time is needed for repeating orders once the production schedule permits.

Is it possible for us to visit your supplying factories?

Certainly yes. We encourage our clients to come to China at the very beginning of cooperation. We will do the screening from our existing suppliers pool and first verification for selected ones, and have the agenda agreed with you prior to your travelling. You then will have the opportunity to build your knowledge of the potential supplier you will work with, its facility, management and its business shape etc.

Once the business is established and running smoothly, you could reduce your travelling frequency, as we will take care of all processes including quality assurance. However anytime you are welcome when you have a plan to trip.

How does a payment be issued, factory or PINTUU?

We have three different business models catered to your specific needs: one step service, Full sourcing service and supplier identify service.

for one step servec, all payment you should issue to PINTUU

for full sourcing service and supplier identiy service: you should pay PINTUU commision and pay supplier rest fee including  tooling, samples or PO; 

Want to know more about the structure of our commission rate, please leave us message or send us inquiry, and we will be getting back to you soon.

How does PINTUU manage supply safety triggered by environmental reviews?

Firstly we do not expect producing some products will add more junk to our land, this will not be supported anyhow.

Secondly, we will do our due diligence and verify that factories are safe and able to uphold certain criteria and make sure they are qualified by environmental reviews by government. Cost-focus only is a risky strategy which may bring us nightmare later on.

Is there cold in winter and hot in summer in Suzhou?

Not really cold in winter, but with a certain level of humidity, some people may not get used to. While it’s truly hot in summer, please wear your sunglasses and SPF30 is recommended for sun block cream.